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The dial side feels familiar in style but introduces a new visible and mechanical element to the layout. At 4 o’clock, we see a “centrifugal governor” or soft-reset mechanism that prevents excess force when resetting the chronograph. If you turn the watch around, you will see the 408-part hand-wound column-wheel chronograph caliber G-04. The 25 “Premiere Edition” pieces in Tantalum have all sold out at €165,000. The stainless steel version will be limited to 188 pieces and will cost €155,000. That is serious money for a very serious chronograph.

Tim Huelsbusch from WEMPE showed me the highlights from Patek Philippe such as the Calatrava Pilot Travel Time with the reference number 5524G which has the diameter of 4buy now2 mm.

If you've got the extra dough and want to spring for the solid gold piece you'll never have to replace, be our guest. What matters is how much you are willing to spend and how committed you are to caring for and maintaining your jewelry. When it comes time to re-plate your favorite piece , you may be tempted to invest in a re-plating gold kit, but we highly recommend leaving this to a professional to get the best results.

With no watch shows in recent months and none planned in the near future, my visit to the trio of stores was in a way equivalent to a journey to a watch show, with many of the latest timepieces on hand to peruse, including one of the year’s most elusive, the new Rolex Submariner. The one I was shown at SoHo was already sold but considering I had visited an AD in Denver the week before, and they had not received any Submariners yet, it was at least nice to see one in an actual store. Hudson Yards had a Submariner Date — presold as well — that I also got to see up close.

Perhaps the only thing is that the target audience for this feature is somewhat limited. It’s really only useful for photographers using vintage film cameras without a light meter. I can’t think of any other practical use for it, at least. I would be happy to learn from your comments if you think otherwise. Nevertheless, it is only to be applauded that Horage has managed to add a feature that has not been seen before.

Chronopassion is often sited as one of the most innovative and influential retailers in the watchmaking world. Why?

Eines der Hightlights ist das Bilder- bzw. Taschenbuch ""Murals Of Tibet"". Darin sind die Fotografien von Wandgem?lden der buddistischen Tempels sowie Kl?ster Tibet zu bestaunen. Kostenpunkt 10.000,-Euro! Aber warum ist das Buch so teuer? Es ist nicht nur auf 999 (warum diese Zahlen verstehe ich auch nicht) Exemplare limitiert, sondern auch gigantisch schwer. Knapp 23 Kg bringt dieses Buch auf die Waage.

This could also be something between the ears, but somehow, you can feel and sense this when you put the Speedmaster Calibre 321 watch on the wrist. And even if this feeling is something that I made up in my own mind, who cares? It’s the connection that someone has with his or her watch that is the most important thing.

Nuff said.

Ref. 609.0023.3.015 black matte ceramic, monobloc construction, polished rose gold colored PVD coated stainless steel side inserts, black matte ceramic bracelet. Ref. 609.0025.3.015 plasma high-tech ceramic, monobloc construction, polished stainless steel side inserts with hardening treatment, plasma ceramic with black ceramic links.

That’s something that is no issue with Nivada’s Chronomaster. On top of being a reissue of a classic Nivada from the 1960s, it also has an instantly recognizable style of its own. Sure, my preferred Broad Arrow version also uses elements that we know from other classic chronographs, but the overall picture is recognizable and genuine. It’s something that was proven time and again with every new Chronomaster release. On top of that, Nivada Grenchen has chosen to equip some of its special-edition chronographs with iconic chronograph movements. Great examples are the Chronomaster Big Eye and the Chronoking, which were both equipped with Valjoux 23 movements. And the recent Chronomaster Valjoux 72 is more proof of that great respect for the past.

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